Homepage Starforze
Starforze uses only the best co-located servers, having an uptime of almost 100%.
We are NOT the cheapest but prefer to offer good service.
Starforze can host already designed webpages or design webpages competely according to your wishes.
Starforze uses MysSQL to incorporate your date in your webpages. Just changing data in the database will automatically update your website. No more writing HTML-code.
Content Management
Starforze uses PHP and MySQL to dynamically create webpages. Updating or changing your website is therefore much quicker and easier than writing pure HTML-code. So it's much cheaper to maintain your webpages on the StarForze server.


Internet-solutions for small companies

  • Webhosting
  • Webdesign
  • Databases
  • Content Management

Contact us:
tel: +31 (0)70 -
mobile: 06-128.32.697

E-mail addresses
If you don't need a home-page yet, but would like to have a fancy permanent e-mail address, we can register your choosen domainname, eg. jansen.nl. You can have several e-mail addresses for your domain, like jan@jansen.nl or truus@jansen.nl
With Webmail you can read your mail on any PC, using an internet-browser. Just remember your login-name and password.
With the populair language PHP you can easily make your own home-pages. Just make it a part of your HTML-code. Take a look at www.php.net
You can even use an SQL-database if you like. For more information on MySQL, go to www.mysql.com